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Mental Health Assistance for Immigrants

Immigrants that do not maintain a legal status have additional worries than others. When an immigrant's status is illegal they never know when something is going to happen that keeps them from their loved ones and with most more importantly being able to contribute to the family unit. Since 2016, illegal immigrants had it extremely difficult as Donald Trump gaslighted almost the entire Republican Party by blaming immigrants for the problems our country has endured.  As bad as it was, other leaders who had the same allergic reaction to the truth caused World War 2 and the German leader tried to exterminate the Jews.

We had a wall being built , blame put on the immigrants all the while the problem in America is a socio-economic issue with the erosion of the middle class and the super rich continuing to extend the gap. As horrifying as it was a citizen, the fear placed on these immigrants by Trump and cohorts as led to significant lingering issue among some of our hardest workers.

United We Dream: Mental Health Toolkit External link 

This resource provides tools to relieve stress and anxiety in immigrant communities and offers guidance on how to set up a safe zone and organize simple healing events that can help immigrants who face various threats and other issues such as breathing exercises and other tools to keep calm.


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