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Insurance Options for Immigrants

Insurance for everyone

Buying Insurance for people in the USA can be an overwhelming experience at times and at others it can be underwhelming which might even be worse. For example, with car insurance how much coverage does one need. Each state mandates different amounts of minimum coverage or you are breaking the law, but is that sufficient. This is not a yes or no answer and each person has to weigh the totality of the circumstances to figure out what is best for them and their family.

Now as an Immigrant it can be that much more confusing. Additional questions and fears take hold. Is the person on the other line going to report me for being here after my status has expired or for being here at all.  Citizens have little understanding as a whole of our complex insurance systems (health, life, auto, etc.), immigrants generally have even less of an understanding.

Our goal here is going to break down some various insurance verticals for non-citizens or citizens and research some reputable places where our clients and visitors can quote these products and also give everyone options that can save them money on pharmacy and the like. A secondary goal is for undocumented or documented immigrants to gain a basic understanding on the benefits and consequences associated with each vertical of coverage. For example, someone without health insurance is in labor can the hospital turn her away? Does her status in the USA matter? Does each state speak differently as to these issues or is it uniform? The rest of the pages in this section will begin to answer some of these questions under each specific rubric/area of insurance. 

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