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Educational Resources

The Educational resources on this page are going to mostly apply to DACA recipients as well as those wishing to attain deferred action but anyone can use these resources if they so choose. 

Book Lender is where people can go and get numerous books depending on the plan per month and never have to buy a book. The subscription can also include audio books and this is very nice for those that like to read a lot and should save the reader a ton of money in the long run! Further the reviews on their page are all extremely positive and we have heard no complaints from people we know that subscribe. A really nice feature is when you find a book you really love, you can buy it. Only in rare circumstances is that unavailable.

College Subscription Services   has just about every magazine one can think of. They have the bluebloods of magazines with titles like Time, Newsweek & the New Yorker. They have LGBT friendly magazines as well as Spanish Magazines and they have People magazine in Spanish as well.  College Subscription Services is one of the largest discount magazine subscription agencies for students & educators in the U.S. they have been proudly serving hundreds of thousands of college students, educators and administrators all across the country.

College Subscription Services Double Gaurantee.

If you are a student or an educator and want more information about this deal, please click here.There is a wealth more information and this could be a very nice savings for a student on a limited budget.

Self Counsel Press is kind of a website before its time. They have been writing DIY books for longer than most people reading this have been on this planet. Subjects include self-help law, small business and start-ups, business and personal finance and taxes, and writing. All titles are "how to" in nature. Self-Counsel Press pioneered the legal self-help category in 1971 and is a leader in books for small business operators. Printed books, ebooks, CD forms kits, and digital forms kits are how the books/materials come. In today's age if they can digitalize their products the sky is the limit for them.

Move or DIe

Move or Die introduces movement as a mindset that focuses on the skills of becoming aware of rigid and unhealthy patterns, exploring choices and moving towards healthier possibilities.

The freedom to move our bodies is central to the experience of optimal health. Movement is the key to accessing resources, creativity and innovation that can otherwise be trapped when our bodies and our minds are locked in the sitting position for hours on end. Move or Die offers the key to a healthy future.

The download kit includes:

• Written exercises to get you thinking about moving
• A Think MOVE journal you can use to track your progress
• Web resources, further reading, and more!

Other types of books are about how to contest wills, books on the cannabis industry and elder law.


More student resources are found below:    

Save Dollar stores while not just for college students it is stuck in here because there are just some deals that some students wouldn't want to miss. They have arts and crafts, knitting supplies, home decor and so much more.

This next company was in the vaping business but decided to change to CBD and coffee sales. They are apparently very upset about the regulations placed on vaping but are bringing a cheaper alternative to these two verticals.

Broke dickclaims to have over 50,000 customers, ship super fast and maintain high quality ingredients with reasonable pricing. Some college students will not be able to pass these characters up. There coffee is great and the prices are very low. If you buy it, brew it, it will change your life. The reviews by customers appear to support their assertions in regards to quality and speed of shipping.

Steep Discount Mart works directly with manufacturers worldwide, so there is no middle man in the process, and by doing this they offer merchandise at rock bottom prices. We can then and pass the savings to our customers. Tak action fast  prices and products changes very quickly. They strive on offering the highest quality product with fashion in mind and at a great price, too.

TV Store Onlinehas many peoples favorite TV shows, cartoons, comics, bands, games in clothing gear. T-shirts, backpacks, costumes and so much more.  There are costumes on TV Store Online that will win many costume contests on Halloween. I put this site here because it is that good not because of the Educational value.


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